Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Das Max Planck Institut für Gehirnforschung schrieb im Januar 2013

Your performance at our end-of-year party

Dear Mr. Pricking,

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance you gave on the occasion of our Institute’s endof-year party on December 6,2012. Gur staff members and guests were equally enthusiastic!
For this year’s party, it was my wish to get people to talk to each other in a relaxed and enjoyable way, to make them think about sensory perception, and laugh at the same time. With your magic art and your personality, you cast aspeIl over us, enthralled us, and triggered animated and cheerful discussions. I was impressed by the ease with which you presented your performance in German as well as in English.

I am happy to recommend your services, and hope that you will continue with new magical ideas and great success in the future as well!

With best wishes

Gilles Laurent

Frankfurt, 28 January 2013